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Your horse’s hooves are a window to your horse’s health.

If the feet aren’t as good as they could be then neither is your horse.

But how do you know? Aren’t hooves are complicated? (No not really).What is ‘right’, what is wrong? What do I do when the experts tell me all is well but I am sure something is not quite right? What do I do when the experts disagree?

The simple answer is to educate yourself as best you can. You will then be in a position to have an intelligent debate with whomever, whenever you want without being at the mercy of any ‘black art’ or misguided opinions.

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Equine Conferences

How To Improve Equine Health And Performance Using Advanced Hoof Care

8 October 2022
Nilands Conference Centre, Bushy Heath

Why should you attend?

  • Are injuries costing you a fortune and threatening your horse's competitive career?
  • Do you want your happy hacker to be just that, happy and sound?
  • Are you just a little bit lost and confused as to how to navigate conflicting advice?
  • As a professional do you want to learn how to help your clients achieve their goals without compromising their horse's welfare?

If so, this conference might be just what you need, click the link below for more information.

How To Improve Equine Health And Performance Using Advanced Hoof Care

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Please note that the Hoof Care Clinics, Workshops and Cadaver Days do not qualify any attendee to trim horses for profit or reward. They are intended solely to educate owners/carers in how to better care for their own horses hooves.

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Improve your horse's health & performance

8 October 2022
Niland Conference Centre
Bushy Heath

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