Barefoot Horse - barefoot hoof trimming and care

Barefoot-South provides barefoot equine hoof trimming and care services for the whole of the South East of England.

Barefoot South has a very a strict code of ethics which puts your horse's welfare at the centre of any care recommendations. The ultimate test always being 'Sound or lame?'

That is our only agenda; your horse's health and soundness; we don't promote any particular products, boots, feeds or otherwise. The focus is always what is going to work for you and your horse..

Barefoot trimming

Although based on the Kent Sussex borders, Barefoot South provides barefoot trimming for the whole of the South East of England - including: Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

Visits to other locations can always be arranged, please get in touch to find out more.

Barefoot South

Barefoot South is made up of Lucy Priory (Principal) and Michelle Powers.

Lucy Priory

Lucy has over 18 years of experience of owning and managing barefoot horses, and since acquiring Grace she decided to turn professional and instead of just helping her horses – she could help many others. Lucy qualified with the AANHCP and has been a leading barefoot practitioner in the UK for several years.

Lucy provides cover for parts of Kent, Surrey, Greater London, Essex and Norfolk.

Michelle Powers

Michelle has been passionate about horses and horse welfare since an early age, she has ridden, worked and cared for horses for many years. The first horse she owned started her on the barefoot journey – initially she learnt all she could from friends and colleagues but wanted to learn more.

She became Lucy’s first student in 2013, spending six months with Lucy on the job experiencing all aspects of barefoot horse care as well as studying and practicing.

Michelle joined Barefoot South in 2014 becoming Lucy’s first student. She undertook on the job, practical and academic training for over six months and passed her exams with flying colours.

Michelle provides barefoot trimming services for East Kent, East and West Sussex.

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